Day of Action Update

Congratulations and thank you to all 80+ volunteers, both adults and children, who worked tirelessly and enthusiastically on 12 sites during our Day of Action to make our school grounds attractive, educational and child friendly.

A special word of thanks is due to the organising committee who gave generously of their time and expertise in preparing for and completing our Day of Action: Seán & Róisín Mc Carthy (Stillorgan Décor); Dervla Cotter (Architect);  Brendan Earley (Artist and Sculptor); Darragh Connolly (Landscaping and Property; and Felim Sheridan (Arborist).

Following their expert advice and under their careful guidance, sites were cleared for planting and cleaned for painting. Laurel hedging was planted along the chain link fence. Containers and hanging baskets were planted at the entrance door. Flower beds in the front yard were weeded, pruned and planted with shrubs and perennial bulbs. The perimeter wall was painted. The flower beds in the back yard were dug and planted with fruit, vegetables, wildflowers, herbs and perennial bulbs. A willow dome was constructed on the grass. Native trees were planted beside the long logs. Circular logs were added to make an outdoor seating area under the trees. The composting area was relocated to beside the recycling area. The hedge in the back yard was trimmed. Areas beside 2 portacabins were cleared. Circular logs were sited as seats. The container was painted and decorated with pencils and the handprints of our young “helping hands.” Operation Transformation was completed.

Thank you too to the team of volunteers who worked before and after our Day of Action:  Darragh Connolly who cleared overgrown hedges and shrubs; Declan Byrne who dug all beds with a mini digger; Charlie and Paddy King who provided logs and compost and removed green waste; Seán and Róisín Mc Carthy who supplied painting materials and a power washer; Paschal Gannon who lent us a mini scaffold; Felim Sheridan who provided trees; James Mc Keown who split and smoothed logs; and Derrick Byrne (DNG Clearance Ltd.) who transported waste for recycling once all activities were completed.

Much was accomplished on the day and more may be done. A mini Day of Action, to maintain work completed and to undertake additional activities, is planned for early-mid May. Interest in starting a “gardening club” will also be explored with adults and children next term.

On behalf of the entire school community, thank you to everyone, too many to name, whose support, co-operation and goodwill made our Day of Action last Saturday such an enjoyable, productive and successful experience.

Photos taken before, during and after our Day of Action:


Pre Day of Action 021Pre Day of Action 018

Pre Day of Action 013 Pre Day of Action 011 Pre Day of Action 020 Pre Day of Action 024 Pre Day of Action 016 Pre Day of Action 003

Day of Action During 001Day of Action During 002Day of Action During 003Day of Action During 004

photoDay of Action During 005

Day of Action During 007DSCF6263photo 3DSCF6267Day of Action During 002

DSCF6268DSCF6266DSCF6264Day of Action During 007

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