3rd Class Proclamation

Proclamation by S N Muire Is Gearard

We love beautiful Ireland and we are proud to live here. We think that the thoughts mentioned in our Proclamation will help Ireland become an even greater country to live in.

We believe that all children should receive a high standard of education and that they should get a job that they enjoy doing. We also hope that enough jobs are created so Irish people do not have to emigrate. School should be accessible to all.
Everyone should be respected and treated equally, especially the elderly and children and we should strive to ensure that they live in a safe environment and receive adequate care. Resources should be readily available.
Our environment is very important to us. We aspire to live in a world where animals are not harmed or mistreated, pollution is reduced and trees are planted.
Healthcare should not depend on how much money you have. People who have special needs should be respected and there should be a lot more nurses and doctors.
Illegal drugs are bad for you and the Gardaí spend a lot of time fighting drug crime when they could be using their time elsewhere. We believe that smoking should be illegal.
We hope that every citizen of Ireland will have a roof over their head, access to healthy food and we should strive to become a fitter and healthier nation by making good choices and keeping our minds and bodies exercised, fit and healthy.