Explorers’ Project Week Three

  • Sparky, our starfish, was getting very sick. We thought that he would die. We called Sealife in Bray. Our teacher, Ms. Malone, asked Eimear in Sealife if she could take him out of the water and feed him in a separate container filled with salt water. Eimear said that he would be distressed if he were taken out of the tank. All we could do was watch and wait. We realised that the other sea creatures were eating all of the food and Sparky wasn’t getting any food. Now we distract them when we feed Sparky!
  • The two prawns, SpongeBob & Fwed, are still very cheeky.
  • Giuseppe, the flounder, is a lot more active than he was last week.
  • We wrote underwater stories & typed up information we had googled about our sea creatures.
  • We made boats out of márla. We put marrowfat peas in as our passengers.  Whichever boat held the most won. The winners got 58 peas in the boat before it sank.
  • By Liam & Christian

WP Boats