Explorers’ Project Week One

On Wednesday 10th February, Pat and Emma from Sea-Life in Bray arrived at the school with our fish tank. They explained how the air pump, chiller, filter and vacuum worked before they released our four sea creatures into the tank. We received two prawns, a flounder and a starfish. We spent Wednesday and Thursday getting to know them, naming them and agreeing on who will do what job. Our water temperature is about 13C in the morning but goes up to 16C during the day. Here is what we have noticed about our four sea creatures so far:

Starfish (Sparky):

  1. Our starfish is only a baby so we cannot touch him
  2. The starfish moves a lot but stays in the same place for short periods of time

Prawn 1 (SpongeBob):

  1. Is long and skinny and he moves about a lot
  2. He can float in the water and is see through

Prawn 2 (Fwed):

  1. Is short and has darker black lines going along his back
  2. He can float in the water and also is also see through. He is slower than SpongeBob

Flounder (Giuseppe):

  1. Giuseppe is the same colour as the sand
  2. He spends most of his time buried under the ground
  3. When he comes up, he swims along the sand

Today (Friday), we visited Sea-Life and had a great day. When we returned to school, we fed our sea creatures for the first time. We have a week off next week so Ena and our teacher will mind them for us.

by Imogen, Megan and Holly