Explorers’ Project Week Two

We came back from our week long mid-term holiday eager to see our sea creatures. Thankfully, all were well after the tank temperature dropped to 9.8C last week because the heating was off. Loraine told us only to worry if it dropped to 4C. She visited us on Monday, gave us lots of information on marine life and showed us some slides about leather back turtles. We have been busy this week observing our sea creatures, recording air and water temperatures and studying the fishing industry in Ireland. We fed Sparky, Giuseppe, Fwed and SpongeBob on Tuesday and they gobbled down their food. Giuseppe (our flounder) was the hungriest-he is skimming the surface of the sand a lot this week and then dives under a sandy blanket. Looking for him is like looking for Wally in a Where’s Wally book. Fwed and SpongeBob (our ghost prawns) love to hide behind the filter-they often play together and are getting bigger. Sparky (our starfish) moves the slowest and loves the side of the tank. We fed our sea creatures today because we are off school tomorrow and our teacher cleaned the filter. We did bubble art this afternoon-it was great fun blowing paint bubbles onto our pictures!