Fifth Class 2016 Proclamation






We believe that Ireland as a nation can make things better for its people by doing what we suggest. No human beings should be treated differently to others because of their skin colour, gender or religion. Every man, woman and child should be free to do what they want whilst upholding the law of the land. Everyone who has been forced to leave their home countries should receive a warm welcome here wherever they go.

Irish citizens should be entitled to free medical treatment and medicines. More help should be given to elderly people and to people with disabilities and special needs. Those with mental health difficulties, addictions or depression should receive support. Shops and restaurants should label ingredients and put more vitamins and nutrients into food so as to enable us to become a healthy republic. The amount of wine and beer sold in shops and pubs should be reduced and those with alcohol obsessions should receive treatment. More activity clubs need to be opened to help us to become a fitter and healthier republic.

Homelessness should not be tolerated. We believe that all empty, run-down buildings should be turned into accommodation for homeless people where they might feel warm and safe. Unemployed and homeless people should also receive payments for undertaking community service that would benefit society.

All education should be free. Children should be entitled to an education appropriate to their abilities and needs. Every child should be confident about going to school and happy in school.

Animals should be treated with respect. Pet insurance prices should be decreased. Vets should also lower their prices.

People should keep the environment clean and tidy and stop polluting the earth and its waters. People should plant trees to improve air quality. People should respect and care for our planet and its natural resources.

We recognise that bullying (including cyberbullying) is a huge problem. To stop it, we should try to help people to understand that it is wrong. People who are bullied should tell someone they trust.  Bullies should compensate their victims through acts of kindness.

We demand more guards to prevent criminal activities and to ensure road safety. Those responsible for crimes of any kind should be stopped.  We want to live in a safe, crime-free and peaceful country.

These are the declarations of what we think is right. These are our hopes and wishes for the future. We trust that you will act upon them.

                                                                                                          Signed on behalf of Fifth Class,

                                                                                               St. Mary’s & St. Gerard’s N.S., Enniskerry.

                                                                                      7 March 2016