Student Council

Meet the Student Council….


We are the pupils elected by our peers to represent them. The School Council gives pupils a voice. We usually meet twice a month with Mrs. Russell to bring forward any suggestions pupils have to improve our time at school.

At our first meeting we elected a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Vice Secretary. Each class was given a suggestion box. As class representatives, we go through each suggestion with our class and bring the agreed suggestions to the Student Council meetings.

The Chairperson conducts the meetings, making sure every class gets a chance to put their suggestions forward and to give their opinion on suggestions made by other classes. The secretary then takes a note of any decisions made or actions to be taken and these meeting minutes are posted on the Student Council Noticeboard for the whole school to read.

So far we have raised awareness about whom we can talk to if something is bothering us. We have suggested to our teachers that we share books we are reading with our friends in class on a Friday. Also, we’ve helped 6th Class in their quest for a class pet and the year is not over yet!