We learnt about germs!

We learnt about germs with Mrs. Russell today. Germs can make us feel sick. We cannot see them with our eyes. They like to live in warm places. The ‘hotspots’ for germs are the bathroom, the kitchen and the door handles. Germs can spread if you sneeze or cough into your hand and then shake someone else’s hand or give them a high five. Sneeze into the bend of your elbow.  To get rid of germs wash your hands with soap after sneezing and coughing, after going to the toilet and before you eat. Not all germs are bad. To fight germs we need to keep fit and healthy. Our white blood cells help us fight germs.

Here are some of the germs we made during our construction art class.

DSCF6429  DSCF6431 DSCF6432 DSCF6433 DSCF6434 DSCF6435 DSCF6436  DSCF6438 DSCF6439 DSCF6440 DSCF6437DSCF6441  DSCF6443 DSCF6444 DSCF6445 DSCF6447 DSCF6448 DSCF6449 DSCF6450 DSCF6451 DSCF6452