Green Code for Global Citizenship

For the last two years, the children have been working on the Green Schools’ theme of “Global Citizenship-Litter and Waste.” All the children were asked to write individual Green Codes showing how this theme has been integrated into school life. A shortlist of possible codes was created and following voting, one code has been selected as our new Green Code-we offer our congratulations to its author, Aoife Williams. 

Green Code for Global Citizenship:

“One world, our world. Stand united, not divided.”

(Aoife Williams, 5th Class 2017)

Our existing code for Litter and Waste, penned in 2007 by Emily Flanagan, remains: 

Green Code for Litter and Waste:

“For us to keep our planet green, we must recycle, plant and clean.”

(Emily Flanagan, 4th Class 2005)