Evening Of Action: Wednesday, May 3rd

In preparation for the celebrations of First Communion on 6 May and Confirmation on 26 May, we need everyone to join us for a Green-Schools’ Evening of Action (6.30pm to 9.30pm approx.) on Wednesday next, 3rd May.

On this date, it is hoped to complete a general clean-up of the schoolyard & carpark and to undertake specific landscaping work on the school grounds. We will start work at 6.30pm and will finish around 9.30pm.

Please note that all children present on the school grounds during our Evening of Action must be supervised by their parents.

On 3rd May, we need volunteers to:

  • Pick up litter and plant containers;
  • Weed, dig and plant flower & vegetable beds;
  • Weed under hedges and remove weeds from pathways;
  • Weed and maintain planted flower beds;
  • Paint fencing, wooden containers, tyres & the gate; and
  • Prune shrubs and cut hedging.

 We need tools (Please label with your name):

  • Spades, forks, hedge trimmers & secateurs;
  • Rakes, hoes, trowels & wheelbarrows;
  • Power tools; and
  • Painting brushes, old sheets & painting trays.

If you are free on Wednesday next, 3rd May, please join for a few hours as we prepare our school grounds for the two upcoming very special celebrations of our school year.