Pedal Power Workshops

As part of our Green Schools’ work on Global Citizenship Energy, Gavin Harte, from Education for Sustainable Development Training, facilitated Pedal Power Workshops for all classes at the school today. The workshops, which integrated aspects of Science, Maths, History and PE, were very informative, thoroughly enjoyable and highly interactive. The children learned about mechanical, chemical and electrical energy. They investigated how many watts of electricity they could generate through pedalling a bike. They compared how much electrical energy was needed to operate everyday appliances to the energy they had created through pedal power and thus, realised the importance of conserving energy at home and in school. All the children engaged enthusiatically with the challenges of using pedal power to light up bulbs and to make a blender work. They loved the added bonus of tasting their delicious smoothies afterwards! One child commented that healthy treat as a reward for physical exertion was “just great!”