WhatsApp Policy

Class WhatsApp groups are a very useful and efficient way of communicating to the whole class.

The aim of the Class WhatsApp Group is to send school related messages to the entire group. Messages in the class WhatsApp group come from parents/guardians in their personal capacity.  The school neither sends nor monitors messages on WhatsApp nor does the school accept any liability or responsibility for any messages.

The Parents Association, with support from the school, would appreciate if parents would note the following guidelines when using Class WhatsApp Groups:

  • These groups are intended as
    • a convenient way to distribute important school information to parents/guardians quickly and efficiently; and
    • for parents/guardians to communicate easily with each other regarding school matters.
  • It is not necessary to respond to every post unless it is requested e.g. RSVP, request for volunteers.
  • If your message is not relevant to the majority of group members, i.e. a homework query, please consider if it is more appropriate to send a personal message to a fellow parent/guardian in the class.
  • In the event of too many messages being posted that are only relevant to a minority of group members the monitoring Class Representative will request the conversation be continued outside the group.
  • The group should be respectful of everyone’s view point.
  • The group should not be used for private conversations with anyone else using the group.
  • The group should never be used as a platform to air views/grievances regarding a teacher/child/parent in the class or school.  
  • The sharing of content, in particular photographs, is not permissible.