Lily’s Poem

I Miss…

We wouldn’t have to talk, we’d just sit for a while,

I want to see your eyes, and I want to see you smile.

I need to hear your calming tones,

as you tell me, so shocked, how much I’ve grown.

But most of all I need to see your face,

receive your tickles, your warm embrace.

You’ll offer me some biscuits or a nice cup of tea,

and you’d ask about school and you’d ask about me.

I’ll think about you and I’ll let out a sigh,

I wish I was a bird and then I could fly,

Fly back to you and your merry eyes,

that’s where I’d go if I could take to the skies.

And we could just sit and read and get lost in our books,

we don’t have to speak, we’re on tenterhooks.

We could sit outside and you’ll tell me the news,

with only a wee bit of gossip infused.

Your cooking, your laugh, your hug and your kiss,

I can picture it now and it’s you that I miss.


by Lily Burke, aged 12.