Intel Mini Scientist 2021

There has been great excitement over the past week with students presenting projects to their classmates and to a panel of judges.  The judges were really impressed with the level of research, the teamwork and the high quality of presentation.  Well done to all 53 students from 4th, 5th and 6th Classes!  We are really proud of you.

This year Intel sent a prize for the overall winner and a certificate and pin for all participants.  The teachers were so impressed with the projects that it was decided to award all participants with a homework voucher also and there were some extra prizes too.

Best Environmental Project:   Fast Fashion

Best Presentation:   How do optical illusions work?

Most Innovative Idea:   Geodesic Domes

Best Application to Real Life:   Does exercise improve your memory?

Oveall winner:   Do sight and smell affect your taste?