The Globe Programme

In March, as part of the school’s work on Global Citizenship Travel, the children in 4th Class will undertake the GLOBE Air Quality Campaign,  a citizen science project to assess traffic-related air pollution at schools. This project is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EEU of An Taisce, the GLOBE programme and the EPA are partnering to encourage greater understanding and involvement of the public in air quality issues.

The children will measure nitrogen dioxide (NO2) – a principal pollutant from car exhaust emissions – at three locations around the school using air quality packs and guidance on how to carry out nitrogen dioxide measurements. The main purposes of the project are to:

  • Raise awareness about air pollution through a practical investigation
  • Collect accurate data that can be used in students’ research projects
  • Share knowledge with school communities
  • Complement official air quality monitoring performed by the EPA on local air quality