Globe Programme Results

The results of GLOBE Air Quality campaign, measuring nitrogen dioxide at schools around the country, are back! Each school received a nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentration value for each of their three tubes. The concentration of NO2 captured in diffusion tubes is expressed in micrograms (µg) per cubic metre (m3). Each result represents an average NO2 concentration that was absorbed over the 4-week period at the school. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and EU Environmental Directives have set ‘maximum’ guidelines for NO2 concentration in terms of health. The current EU threshold level is 40 μg/m3 (annual mean) and the recently updated WHO level is 10 μg/m3 (annual mean). Our results are 9.68 μg/m3 at the roadside; 8.94 μg/m3 at the school gate; and 8.57 μg/m3 on the school grounds. While this is good news, we must continue to seek to reduce traffic related pollution. The children in 4th Class present some of their ideas below.