Oil and Water Experiment

  We set out to discover if oil and water mix. Once we got through the science aspect, it was time to see what else we could do. An effervescent tablet briefly  turned the bottle to a lava lamp!

Fighting Words Tour

A few weeks ago we visited the Fighting Words Creative Writing Centre for a crash course on how to write a novel. This programme was founded by the author Roddy Doyle and aims to enable children to write their own novel. First of all the children had to figure out the password for the Mysterious Writing … Read more

3rd and 4th Class Trip to Grand Canal Dock

Here are pictures of our school tour to Grand Canal Dock. The children had a great day as they found out about this form of travel. We went for a long walk around the docklands and then were given a tour by Godfrey from Waterways Ireland.                          … Read more