Maria’s Poem

Stay Inside If you are bored and have nothing to do Here are a couple of things that I thought of for you You could build a rocket that can fly to the moon Just remember to be back before noon I know it might seem hard having to stay at home But you can … Read more

Lily’s Poem

I Miss… We wouldn’t have to talk, we’d just sit for a while, I want to see your eyes, and I want to see you smile. I need to hear your calming tones, as you tell me, so shocked, how much I’ve grown. But most of all I need to see your face, receive your … Read more

School Choir Christmas Events

During the last week of school, before the Christmas holidays, the school choir was invited to sing at the local Dargle Valley Nursing Home. It was a very special visit for both the children and the residents. The children also made Christmas cards for everyone, which were gratefully received. The choir was also invited to … Read more

6th Class Christmas Play 2018

Congratulations to all the 6th class pupils and their teacher Ms. Kearney on the performance of ‘School Daze’. I think the pupils particularly enjoyed the more rebellious nature of this play which had us all in stitches!