9th Green Flag!

St. Mary’s and St. Gerard’s NS is delighted to announce that its application for a Green Flag for Global Citizenship Travel has been approved. Well done to everyone! We look forward to sharing our success with you in June.   

Our Green Schools’ Codes

Our Green Codes:  Green Code for Litter and Waste: “For us to keep our planet green, we must recycle, plant and clean.” (Emily Flanagan, 4th Class 2005) Green Code for Energy: “Global warming is spreading fast. We’ve got to make our energy last. Shut the door.Turn off the light. Saving energy is what’s right.” (Gabrielle O … Read more

Big Travel Challenge 2023 results

The Big Travel Challenge 2023 results are in! On 31 January 2023, before the Big Challenge started, 35% of our children parked and strode on their journey to school.  During the Big Travel Challenge, 46% of children parked and strode to school.  An additional 13% of children also walked to school during the Big Travel … Read more

Recyclable Christmas Tree Decorations Competition

Our hearty congratulations to the two pupils whose recyclable Christmas Tree decorations win the 2022 school-based competition. Their decorations will represent the school at the county finals later this week – we wish them well. Sincere thanks to all the children who participated in the competition and produced amazing decorations and to our judges, Ms … Read more

Golden Boot Award

Well done to the children in 4th Class who win the Golden Boot this term. An amazing 74% of them used green modes of travel on their journey to school this term! Overall, 57% of the children took part in Walk on Wednesday since September – 14% walked to school; 38% parked and strode; 6% … Read more

Climate Action Assembly

On Wednesday, all the classes gathered outside on, what was a beautiful autumn morning, to chat about the different class activities completed to remind us of Climate Change. Each class representative spoke about what we can do to help slow down its affects of our lives. Two of our Ukrainian children happily  translated for our … Read more

Globe Programme Results

The results of GLOBE Air Quality campaign, measuring nitrogen dioxide at schools around the country, are back! Each school received a nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentration value for each of their three tubes. The concentration of NO2 captured in diffusion tubes is expressed in micrograms (µg) per cubic metre (m3). Each result represents an average NO2 concentration … Read more