Day of Action

Congratulations and thank you to all volunteers, both adults and children, who work tirelessly and enthusiastically on different sites during our Days of Action to make our school grounds attractive, educational and child friendly.

So much gets accomplished on the day through cooperation, elbow grease and the hard work of so many individuals.

On behalf of the entire school community, thank you to everyone, too many to name, whose support, co-operation and goodwill make our Day of Action  such an enjoyable, productive and successful experience.

Photos taken before, during and after our Day of Action in 2015:


Pre Day of Action 021Pre Day of Action 018

Pre Day of Action 013 Pre Day of Action 011 Pre Day of Action 020 Pre Day of Action 024 Pre Day of Action 016 Pre Day of Action 003

Day of Action During 001Day of Action During 002Day of Action During 003Day of Action During 004Day of Action During 005Day of Action During 007DSCF6263DSCF6267

Day of Action During 008DSCF6268DSCF6266DSCF6264

DSCF6292DSCF6290DSCF6288DSCF6287DSCF6286DSCF6284DSCF6283DSCF6279DSCF6278DSCF6276DSCF6274  DSCF6293