Our Green Schools’ Codes

Our Green Codes
Green Code for Litter and Waste:
“For us to keep our planet green, we must recycle, plant and clean.”
(Emily Flanagan, 4th Class 2005)

Green Code for Energy:
“Global warming is spreading fast.
We’ve got to make our energy last.
Shut the door.Turn off the light.
Saving energy is what’s right.”
(Gabrielle O Brien, 3rd Class & Rebecca Molloy, 4th Class 2007)

Green Code for Water:
“Turn off taps while brushing teeth.
Put in plugs while washing feet.
Ditch the bath and have a shower.
Use rainwater on your flowers.”
(Róisín Mc Grath, 6th Class 2009)

Green Code for Travel:
“Park and Stride and Walk with Pride.”
(Seán Butler, 6th Class 2011)

Green Home Code:
“Be keen on being green.”
(Katy Lawlor, 2nd Class 2013)

Biodiversity Code:
“Start being green and do it fast.
We have to make Biodiversity last.”
(Eoin Mc Carthy, 5th Class 2015)

Global Citizenship Code:
“One world, our world. Stand united not divided.”
(Aoife Williams, 5th Class 2017)

Global Citizenship-Energy Code:
“Our fossil fuels will not last so let’s go green and learn from our past!”
(Rían O’ Leary, 5th Class 2019)