Parents’ Association

 Role of a Parent Association

  1. The Parent Association works with the Principal, staff and the Board of Management to build effective partnership between home and school.
  2. The Parent Association can advise the Principal and Board of Management on policy issues and incidents that may require a review of school policy, e.g. Bullying, Safety, Homework, Enrolment, Behaviour problems etc.
  3. The Parent Association can suggest and/or organise extra-curricular activities.
  4. The Parent Association is a support for parents in the school.
  5. The Parent Association can invite speakers to address the parents on issues which are topical or relevant.
  6. The Parent Association is not a forum for complaint against either an individual teacher or parent. The Complaints’ Procedure is the mechanism for this.
  7. The Parent Association helps to promote the school community by celebrating special occasions e.g. First Communion, Confirmation, Grandparents’ Day etc.
  8. The Parent Association organises events to raise much needed funds required to enhance the children’s school experience.

Parents’ Association 2022-2023

Aimi Baker

Louise Clucas

Alan Kavanagh

Katy McConnell

Janet McFarland

Gabe Moynagh

Siobhan O’Keefe

Alena Rogers

Orla Swan


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As a parent / guardian, you are an automatic member of our Parent Association.  
Parental input is welcome at all times and we are always on the look out for new ideas and areas to explore.

You are the Association – please do get involved.